Open Source accounting components for Delphi

Welcome to Zoom Accounts - the Free and Open Source enterprise accounts and records system which is just about to change your life - have fun!

Leslie Kaye

Efficient data management is key to an enterprise's competitive advantage.

Timely and accurate reporting about your finances, your sales and your business processes enable you to make the right decisions quickly and stay ahead of the competition.

Integration of your accounts with your other data systems eliminates re-keying or export/import data bottlenecks in your office.

Why Zoom Accounts?
  • Rapid and flexible systems development
  • Choice of robust SQL database options
  • Delivers core accounting functionality with management reporting
  • Bespoke record keeping systems adaptable exactly to meet your changing enterprise requirements.


'Open source' software gives you the security that you are at liberty to obtain support for your critical systems at competitive cost and without being tied to a single supplier.

You possess the source code for your software so you are not vulnerable to a supplier going out of

business or discontinuing your product.

Any lack of functionality can be corrected or any "bugs" fixed immediately without having to wait for the next version of a proprietry product.

The Zoom Accounts source code is written in Delphi (Pascal):

Why Delphi?
  • The leading Pascal IDE. Mature and reliable
  • Access to the latest operating system features
  • Human readable allowing code to be quickly understood and maintained
  • Extensive component libraries
  • Powerful SQL database support
  • Tight fast native platform executables
  • Web development components
  • Reliable type safe bug-free maintainable code

Whether you are an enterprise with in house development resources or a software developer seeking a rapid application development capabilitiy to provide your clients with bespoke systems, Zoom Accounts may be the solution for you.

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